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Professional Engineering Services
Art Hunkele

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Own a commercial or residential building, or contemplating buying one that you think may have problems?
   • Art has over 40 years combined experience in the building construction and engineering business.
   • He can provide analysis and suggest ways to deal with foundation problems, sitework issues, building enclosures, and structural concerns.
   • BIECI-Certified Building Engineer.

Need a report for a Realtor, lending institution, or buyer or seller of real estate?
   • New Millennium Building Engineers can provide written opinions and report summaries regarding a building's condition with regard to specific engineering issues related to a building's condition.

We look for practical solutions for you to employ when resolving building issues.
   • New Millennium Building Engineers will provide no nonsense assessments from someone who's worked multiple sides of the building business.

New Millennium Building Engineers routinely addresses these needs...
   • Foundation and structural problem assessment – commercial/residential with practical design solutions.
   • Pre-purchase property inspections regarding specific engineering issues – serving Realtors, bankers, buyers and sellers of real estate.
   • Technical dispute resolution with contractors and building officials.
   • Structural design – additions, modifications, wall removals, foundation design, site development design and more

   • NABIE (National Academy of Building and Inspection Engineers)
   • BIECI (Building Inspection Engineering Certification Institute)
   • NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers)
   • OSPE (Ohio Society of Professional Engineers)

Contact Art Hunkele direct at 513-258-8050 or email

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